Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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fear of being watched by a duck.

CLAIM YR PRIZE! (notes from a metal memorial?)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

gogol "make dem scarecrow jokers kept around hometown
mars migrated here to earth."

here, to earth.
sex magick rituals too gether.
nasty rocket snow
fuck you.

hall of records underneath the pyramids"
people who won't let you sleep in their bed"squares talking"
asked you, that you wouldn't do thathorrified
"my character doesn't talk to ppl"
"that's just a needle! i use it to scrape weed with man!"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

satanic book club

things like the desired voice of a woman changes over time. so you watch an old film and it seems like all the women sound like little boys or something, or you're watching some silent with vaseline over the glass, women with giant shoulder pads and roman noses or high pitched child-like squeak voices. but you can't make sense of it at first, for many years. maybe sometimes you feel like you are always staring at women, disney princes with pinched rubbery wrists...

goosebumps leads children to satanism. this is something that a shitload of people believe: there's this evil spirit, the spirit is actually evil incarnate, evil personified...and he can manifest in thousands of homes at once or sends a demon and whispers in your ear, put this genital in your mouth, add these chemicals to your body, alter your thoughts...and if he can get you to stop believing in the Controller he will torture you forever just for kicks...

children, you are in danger if you read books about magic. because if you think and learn about magick, you will start using it, and then you will become a slave of satan.

oh, humans. crazy fucks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chicago Loves You

Chicago loves you like that pigeon embryo squashed on the sidewalk below your backalley balcony,
smellin sharp of fireworks, chocolate, and sewage grates when she tosses back an old style in the pink
morning as she loads up the meat on the truck, spray-paint scrawled brickface shinin with dirt and smoke,
rollin up butts stolen from hotel ashtrays, ringin her helado bells and honkin 'er horn at the mad basstid cabs
whizzin thru her veins, the rumble trucks, the scattered shots pluggin up her arteries, brainsplatter valentine
sign cross the bootlegger's flowershop, chicago loves you deep in her bones risin up from swamp all those ghosts chasin down wacker basement, counting seven stars at night on the roof bathin in the stadium lights glow, arms all bronzed from streetlights, flashcars slowin at the hooded kids, searchin shoes and paintin on bruises, chicago cares for you like the plowtrucks kickin backa sheeta ice, loads you up like a hotdog with all the works and beer here! mumblin as she pushes her cancart cross cement slabs, shittin down backwards greenrive speedin your bloodstream chatterin yr glassteeth stretchin that sidewalk squaring down to neon aztec warriors crumblin under the overpass, gobblin ribs down in the rusty grassgrown ford down by the train tracks backbone crackin to the blues.

Monday, June 29, 2009

fast ones (SOC freewrites no edit) for carl


Masochistic Robots
misalign spine
they are sending me secret messages
plugged in properly
the input output valves recess
the march of hats,
the matter hatted.
heated, hated-
bitch coup, government grant, gooble gobble.
this is my teeth rotting out,
the meat rotting inside out,
the blood plug
taste in mouth.
your parts are not compatible,
view to the future,
diggin in the dump for messy needle,
mouth fills with dirt.
negotiate fingers scratch harddrive with all the holes
beating back the peelskin fings.
up out of the shoebox
happy blackmilk.
those responsible will be
lined up at the flashcar
wired me veinlaced
unpaste eyes, lifted and gutted
cardboard walkers, immense
no access upgrade puzz
broken face moonwalker lyin in state
incubation chamber,
schoolgirl young O level up
a photograph of a horse
these guys are out here all the time
bodies illegal, cement square
away the steady explosions

i cannot see. my brain wheezing in and out on sleepers. i am a ballooon the walls caving. i am clawing and in trouble. i am troubled and untroubled. i am bounce bounce walls oozing i am tea on the stove i am walk down green sidewalk to sway my hed in and out a door there are tough characters in the guttered debriz the cracked c grass the hard cement wandering. a penny here or there will make up yr good fortune. today i saw another rabbit & tried to hide. lets have sum music!
fruit flies have a right to steal. i steal. no bread crumbs. crumb here hear her. new city second city whatta pity. the dark is out bring on a light. shadow s city. a mared man, a markered woman, a child unkempt. woozy. my hed.
hung over. frm pillz. a carnival constir tells anothe rsanticmonious story. a theft of a safe is unsafe for thieves. erroneous. the queen on a train will cut a head of cabbage. a dog will slobber all over the fingerprints. this is ridiculous. my mustache is falling off. i must be mad. ive always been mad. what is else is there to be? a shot dark . a cannon fodder millionare. buttering bred to for digging dissaster.
nevermind the money. keep it safe against the the grain. i spent it. i spent yr dollars and sensibly enough i cughed a rattlesnake up. i will meet for brandy at yhe poin posin apple. i m will carry a shard of shot in my hand. i will cloaked and daggered and ready eat yr flesh quick. my stmoach thirsts for nicotina. it is only three days. suge sugarpie ded desanto sure a n can shimmy shake. a dull dake days make up. offhandedidlee we dig dig dig homes in the durt. to die of sufocat. ashthma and the spins SPIN! sunshine daydream d rain dream every dream winding in the greens. i wonder ever streets in dreams that shift a gun.water cure. run run run run run run rujn run sink siiiinking SUN!!! racing racing racing a up behind- all melting under my little bic my little clit my big dick clit. sb shiny shoses for job interviews this is a black tie even in the DESSERY! we believe in the father we belive in the sun we eat vinegar gimlits on clouds and laugh we wander beverly hyde park & logan square and litl italy like fantastci ghosts that sit beside us and kill main maim rai rape and laugh largely at us. we pin their r wrists to the wall.
bones are resting in fire. there is gold buried some wher wares. on my knees. lost keys. yes, he haas my keys. i gave them to hom h him hum he said. i lost the race. my min d melted badly.
milton bradley. LETS PLAY RISK! i meant to say meat. i meant to un wravel here hear her hed and suck suck suck. lets dua duel. its time to die.
i keep my soul in a tin hail satin satan memories of which i am r tryin trying not to drwon DROWN down down in water my lungs are hoping i will give and experience what it is to be a fish with k gills a merman swmiing swmm swimming stoutly in stout and gulping down p flames! no $$$ hunny nooo munny to sweeten the seat pot.
a jellyw jellyfish ballroom. jelly jelly jelly jelly guitar man blue and bent his shoulder shirt that scrap of cloth for human dignicty dignity dig dig is very undignificant bc we are all NAKIDD NAKIIID kidsz kidz we are all nakid and our breasts should not be fear our penis and lips our eyes ears toes ankles thighs moistened cunts are not scary our hair. we are just human human sad human humanely creatures.
a bank note a toa tote jewles dima dimaonds from sierra leone made of severed hands turn to severed fingers
the rich t the rich drame draped in skulls.
draped rich in RICH! in skulls and broken ginfers
i s wear skin.
skin shoes! l deep in mines a man i s thinking
children sore belly kids digs ,
party woman anticipating dimaonds. she will be the toast of the d town
til a man kc clumbis climbs her window
he w ill get time jail
anf o forever
the severed hans hanz.
an airpla explodes! mid air who cares us air will fund the revolution
we will kill all the - not my favorites.


how many years til apocalypse no more?
threading veins wrist to wrist.
some of us have jobs to go to.
stale ashmouth crave,
breathing shallow.
city swimming in meat yards
gulls circle hysterically
i will devil my finger off for a chance to
bare ourselves on the el tracks

shifting face bleeding fingers
ground meat will jump up
from its plastic-styrofoam floatation device
and screech at your like a headless chicken
mannequin man tell you stop
touch touch touching me
with your bloody meat hanz
like mirror mouths.
i have to urinate all over the place

the nervous is creeping in
and i cant do anything but drink deep, breath deep
foam at the mouth...
no more jokes to the midget king of crime,
strapped to pillars...

not to be unpolite, but i think my vagina is leaking.
eye sensor.
more static on screen.
drink drains me dry.
meant to be meat.
wonder how peephole did things before magick?
happy junkyard wizard
angry penis.

break self in half for good of nation.
win a medal. made of metal.
special flying machine.
speak easy.

i have a lurking suspicion god is judging me,
the neighbors are govt agents who are watching me,
my best friend wants to rape me,
i am splitting atoms in stupid brokin mirror hanz.

gin and coffee,
like the pourous man on the freeway
flashing his guts to the schoolbus.
i am cementing my head.
pour out all the bloodening time.
blood rush thru veins as time is fluid and impassible, as time stops, as each moment by moment dies together, the little big death all by my onesys on my bed finger to clit all alone. anxious to prove my bones are made of metal...
i leave leavened bred out for the gulls
who clamp beaks to flesh on the silent surface of ocean
and swimming is my paint walla on the surface
of the window
with the single unclasped bulb bull
before the door before the cracks
in the surface in my skin folds appear here....
i am so stuttering stupid...

basement tapes or taint did razorfing
rotmeateeth bellyup hardcookd with manic toaster ovens
intervention for cardboard consumption fever at daybreak
sometime the mechanical wavelinks mcunderscore the darklight patterns
and i slice stomach each moonsliver to commend the angry stonetaunt
stupid eyesown molestart mcflip tits grill stomfat it's deathmarch the prison is just down the block and the cops are always stoppin the kids so you citzen sidewalk swirve hedbend to dragonoilstopkerosinestopfucktardstop light it up lit mas mass dependency coordinates the fuckrat cateater a sandfog women in suits miscreant misprint and something happened...cut out tongue, feed to birds. illegal language. illegal wordsound illegal bodyshow illegal bodyinhabiting space. so how long now? renactment change, mrshowsteal. police action run away. wash at home. no really body is offensive. please remmove frm sidewlk. suckblood wetthighs sticksweat too deep now. a tight line surface a mirror skin body please remove body from the sidewalk a shiny medallion for he who sheds his blood with me this day shall be my brother but be not like the hypocrits proclaiming hell with megaphones how can ya go to heaven if ya eat potatoe chips on friday how can ya go to heaven if you masturbate with tomatoes how can ya go to heaven if yr uncle's name is flo how can ya go to heaven if you spit on the sidewalk how can ya go to heaven if you wear an earring in your left ear how can ya go to heaven if you have matching glow in the dark genitals how can ya go to heaven if the suitcases match too how can ya go to heaven if you get drunk and forget the keys how can ya go to heaven if you be listenin to that hiphop how can ya go to heaven if you attatch your tongue to the roof have can you go to heaven if you missin a tooth how can ya go to heave nif you eat potatoes how can ya go to heaven if you break the chair jerkin off how can ya go to heaven if you smoke cigarettes how can ya go to heaven if you butter yr bred with yr left hand how can ya go to heaven if you forget salt shoulder soldier shoulder the highway joints how can ya go to heaven if you eat white bread on thursdays how can ya go to heaven if ya connect electrick chords to yr foreskin how can ya go to heaven if you mix mayonaise with mustard how can ya go to heaven if you set off fireworks how can ya go to heaven if you dont wash yourself with a loofa every friday morning how can ya go to heaven if you are the third child of a redhead how can ya go to heaven if your index finger is longer than the middle how can ya go to heaven if you make friends with the shower spider how can ya go to heaven if you go fishing instead of goin to church on a sunday aint it a shame how can ya go to heaven if ya break yr eardrums open on the devils music.

Friday, April 17, 2009

when the saints go marchin in

we should be tripping,
we should be running our fingers thru paint

or blood, i'll untie my mouth, silence my fingers, we should escape, whatever happened to the revolution?  unbutton eyes, the aching lung, where is the pizza?  the stomach pain always, draggin rocks in stomach and cop eyed the jameson on the el train, back seat, & smiled.  that was tite, who are you? paper airplame ribs & slack jaw

i am


careful about that thing, robot, encrypted, give me the number, the socialyl secure, Burger King Bank Trust McDubble Shit Mourning, funhome, i hate this fucking-  but the music, spinning thru the air is enough, the smella green cooking, the pizza is coming and the whiskey is hittin my stomach fierce and hard, im fucked up drunk, everybodys drinkin good right now


everybody's doin pretty good right now. stone broke and fucked. more money and drinkin it right up. outta job and havin a ball. workin all the time, no money. heartbroken, stupid in love, joyful hermitage, the brotherhood, takin cara shit, fuckin shit up, the dog eats rat poison or the baby stops breathin or you fall offa railin and break yr face. the city is creeping under our feet.  take care of these poor robots. take care of these pour souls.  we should be tripping right now. the steel trains, all the time, are they made outta plastic? i am melting plastic, i am caustic spastic, what were we just playin? do you remember that at all? my mouth, silence, fingers, i am a fucking liar, you are a fucking liar, we are fucking liars so just shoot me in the fucking mouth please. there are all these humans crowded together and you forget hundreds of faces a day. there are hundreds of faces a day you forget, a sea of surging plastick.  paper dollars change hands. and the body machine breaks down. everybody will leave you and the saints go marchin on in.   im doin good right now. im doin real good.

"come pick me up. i might be dead. im in a car, come get me"

we should be tripping...

the sun was halfway up and he was choking on drool and hair in the bathroom the cops woke me up the dude had said he had found the guys who shot up his house just before he came and dropped of the shit why did - fuck is goin on here? what happened back there? what is this shit?

reevaluate. step back. i been playin a lotta music, yea. have you listened?---like a panic, like i needta get outta this room. tight dude. so many things goin on that day, drag bar whatsitcalleda bachelorette party readin a poem and shit- where is the pizza? i am fat girl in mirror, my tits are so fucking huge its ridiculous. who is this? what is going on? stop saying those things! but when i look in the mirror, i say, fuck you, im goddamm fuckin beautiful too, i am stupid brilliant human, not robot, and fuck it fuck it fuck it and to hell with it and my body is dying anyway. knees bad frm kneelin backsore frm sleepin on floor? am i real? the cellualr attachment. too much like addictive. stop counting everything.


masturbated in the shower at church camp calling from the future its new years

i cant hear what you're saying, im hearing a wailing guitar!